What is EYGD?

EYGD stands for Endowment for Youth Global Development, is an initiative under Youth Global Network (YGN). We were established in 2011 to serve as a perpetual source of funds to empower youth to become ‘glocal’ citizens.

Glocal Vision

Glocal is a combination of global and local, to think globally and act locally. Our mission is to build a community of glocal youths who have global perspective and taking action in serving local communities.

We provide opportunities for youth to encounter diverse social, economic and cultural exposures both globally and locally to:

  • embrace the vision to serve the world: developing global citizenship
  • be enriched with a dynamic global experience: inspiring innovation & sustainable change
  • seek a world of love and justice: impacting global and local communities
  • develop compassionate, servant hearts: putting faith into action

We emphasize cooperative learning and action; through serving those who are poor, disadvantaged, marginalized, abandoned or neglected regardless of age, gender, nationality and religion.