Vision & Mission

Our  Vision

We are here for the holistic development of youths:

Heart for Hong Kong – counter-cultural youth ministry based in Hong Kong

Roots in China – post-colonial identity development via outreach and network with ethnic Chinese in mainland China and abroad

Global Perspective – international platform for active citizenship in our global village

Knowledge of the Creator – belief in our God as the Creator and Redeemer of all creation 

    • Creation care, cultural mandate, and covenantal blessing. (Gen. 1 – 2:1-3)
    • Blessing all nations and peoples. (Gen.12: 1-3)
    • Mandate for global evangelism and discipleship. (Mt. 28:18-20)
    • Walking humbly with God – practicing justice and mercy. (Micah 6:8)

Our  Mission

EYGD empowers young people and youth workers to encounter different social, economic, and cultural contexts globally and locally so that they may

• Gain a vision to serve the world: developing global citizenship

• Be enriched with a dynamic global experience: inspiring innovation & sustainable change

• Seek a world of love and justice: impacting global and local communities

• Develop compassionate, servant hearts: putting faith into action

Our  Rationale

By interacting with environments different from our personal experience and encountering new approaches, we challenge our pre-conceived notions about the people we encounter and the issues we face – broadening our scope, enhancing our relevance, and inspiring innovation. Through EYGD’s programs, young people and youth workers form a bridge across boundaries—whether cultural, racial, socio-economic or geographical—and become catalysts for local and global change.

Our  Approach

EYGD aligns with the core essence of Breakthrough’s approach to holistic youth development work and provides a platform for the global development of our young people and youth workers through:

• Direct global exposure via trip-inclusive programs: providing experiential learning and broad knowledge-building to transform participants’ perspectives and their approaches to local issues

• “Glocal” network and community building: sustaining participants’ global impact by connecting with the global community in our local environment

• Global sharing of youth work-related information and resources: impacting youth and equipping youth workers around the world

Our  Target  Audience

EYGD serves young people and youth workers

• From Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas

• From varied socio-economic backgrounds

• With demonstrated leadership potential and community involvement