Standing With Refugees

Standing With Refugees

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Yearly, in the month of June, the world celebrates World Refugee Day. Following the political and economic instability worldwide, now more than ever, refugee issues have become a global crisis and a concern of the whole humanity.

“I am deeply concerned to see more and more situations where refugees are not receiving the protection they need and to which they are entitled. We need to re-establish the integrity of the international refugee protection regime. In today’s world, no community or country providing safe refuge to people fleeing war or persecution should be alone and unsupported. We stand together, or we fail.” António Guterres (UN Secretary-General)

Even though Hong Kong is not a signatory to the refugee convention, yet it has a rich history in offering shelter to refugees since the 19th century to today…

Would you like to hear first-hand from refugees themselves? Would you like to listen to refugee advocates?

Please join our World Refugee Day celebration.

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